COP15: Police torture arrested people


The people who were massarrested during the big COP15-demonstration was tortured during 7-12 hours by having to wear the plastic stripes and sitting down on a cementry-floor. Not allowed to drink, to get any food or go to the toilet. Several people passed out and some people pied in their pants. Many got nerv-injuries and their wrists damaged badly by the stripes.

If you were one of the arrested people, please contact the Danish legal-aid-team RUSK, Baggesensgade 6, källaren Nørrebro, Tel: 0045 28255320, E-mail:

Let´s together make it cost a fortune not to remove the Lömmelpakken-law. Let´s make them pay and let´s put pressure on police and politicans. Fuck repression – fuck the Lömmelpakken! COP15: Police torture arrested people.