CODE PINK Antikriegsgruppe stört Drohnen-Präsentation im US-Kongress 30.9.13

Antikrieg TV

On September 19th, 2013, the Congressional Drone Caucus had a joint party and exhibit with the drone lobby AUVSI. Horrified by the smug relationship between our elected officials and the merchants of robotic death, CODEPINK decided to remind party goers about all the innocent people killed by their drones. Learn how you can resist drones and the war machine at the 2013 CODEPINK Drone Summit- more info can be found at

AntiKrieg TV

AntiKrieg TV

Deutschsprachige Medienbeiträge sowie ins Deutsche übersetzte, ausgewählte Beiträge z.B. von Democracy Now (USA), Russia Today, Telesur (Lateinamerika) u.a.

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