China meets Germany – in the kitchen | DW Documentary

China meets Germany – in the kitchen | DW Documentary

What’s exotic cuisine for some is home-cooking for others. In southern Germany, Black Forest Cake is an everyday treat. But for Chinese student Wen-jing and her mother, it’s a mountain of cream and chocolate.

Wen-jing studies in the southern German city of Stuttgart. When her mother visits from China, it’s an opportunity to sample the delights of southern German cuisine: „Maultaschen” with potato salad, beef roulade and bread dumplings… it’s nothing like the food they get in China. But the pair come from a country with a proud culinary tradition. They don’t just want to try new dishes, they want to learn how to make them. The highlight: learning to bake Black Forest Cake. A report by Almut Maria Röhrl.


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