Change and the dream of justice – reinventing the world (4/6) | DW Documentary

Change and the dream of justice – reinventing the world (4/6) | DW Documentary

Part 4 of “Reinventing the World – 500 Years of the Reformation” looks at the fight for justice in the 19th century and how it continues in the present day.

Industrialization in the 19th century brought with it fundamental change. Increasingly, all sectors of society had access to information and news from around the world. But as urban populations boomed, new forms of exploitation and injustice emerged.

What remained in the industrial age of traditional Christian values such as charity? Can untrammeled capitalism and justice coexist? And how did the world’s first global news agency affect the way we see the world and our value systems? These questions are at the heart of the fourth episode in our series „Reinventing the World“. The 19th century was shaped by entrepreneurs like Paul Julius Reuter, founder of the Reuters news agency. Meanwhile Friedrich Engels, who was the son of an entrepreneur, grew up to be fierce critic of capitalism.

200 years later after Engels, entrepreneur David Diallo from Berlin founded an online magazine about sustainable economic strategies. We also meet Sheppard Pepper, a young American who lives in Paris and works as a photographer. In different ways, both Diallo and Pepper seek answers to the question: how can the world be made a fairer place? Why is there such a gulf between ideals and reality in business and politics? And how much responsibility do individuals have to society?

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