Battling coronavirus in Germany – doctors on the frontline | DW Documental

Battling coronavirus in Germany – doctors on the frontline | DW Documental

The number of coronavirus patients in intensive care is rising. Medics are trying to keep hospitals running normally. This moving documentary describes how patients and doctors in a southern German hospital work tirelessly to fight COVID-19.

Barbara, a doctor, was one of the first Germans admitted to the hospital with COVID-19. She managed to beat the virus after fighting for her life in the ICU of Freiburg’s University Medical Center. How did she manage to claw her way back? And is she suffering any long-term effects? Clemens also had a close brush with death. He spent months in intensive care and almost three weeks on a heart-lung bypass machine. And his problems are far from over yet. Filmmaker Patrick Hünerfeld accompanies patients and their families through these life-changing experiences and shows just how hard doctors have been working to save those badly affected by COVID-19.


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