Ancient Aliens S01 & S02 (History Channel Documentary 2009)

A simple introduction into the possibility that alien beings from other worlds visited Earth since ancient days, and possibly even were responsible for creating human life and culture as we know it today. UFO’s and alien sightings have been around for thousands of years and primitive cultures worshipped them as gods.

This documentary presents re-creations, historical artifacts and interviews with leading UFO experts, and questions whether super structures and monuments like Stonehenge, Easter Island, plus ancient advanced knowledge of the solar system and mathematics, are vestiges of ancient alien visitations.

Featuring interviews with David Hatcher Childress, Erich von Däniken, Michael Cremo, Jason Martell and others. This is a simple documentary and would be suitable for those just beginning their journey into the realm of possibilities of ancient alien visitations. “Ancient Aliens 2009” is a History Channel production.

Ancient Aliens S01 & S02 (History Channel Documentary 2009):
Ancient Aliens 2009

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