American Empire – Glenn Greenwald – Jung & Naiv: Episode 168

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American Empire – Glenn Greenwald – Jung & Naiv: Episode 168

English subtitles available/Deutsche Untertitel sind verfügbar!

What do I still have to care about the NSA scandal? Is surveillance really that bad? What’s up with the American Empire anyway? Is it collapsing, increasing or declining? What role does Barack Obama play in this? Is Obama an emperor? What can Angela Merkel do to make the American Empire stop its surveillance? Do Obama & Merkel still have a soul?

So many naive questions, but our guest, author and journalist, Glenn Greenwald has answers: Episode 168 of Jung & Naiv

Bonus to this episode: Your naive questions for Glenn

Transcribed by Abigail Wick.
Translated by Hans Hütt.
Subtitled by Cristian Wente.

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