American banks: Still too big to fail? – Alexis Goldstein – Jung & Naiv: Episode 286

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American banks: Still too big to fail? – Alexis Goldstein – Jung & Naiv: Episode 286

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We meet Alexis Goldstein in Washington, D.C. in front of Congress. Alexis worked for big banks on Wall Street for many years and helped get wealthy people even wealthier. Later she quit her job and became part of the Occupy movement in New York. She now works for “Americans for Financial Reform”, a nonpartisan coalition of over 200 organizations working for a safe and ethical financial system.

That’s what we talk to Alexis about: Are the banks still too big to fail today? Are the CEOs of those banks too big to jail? What happened in the last few years regarding financial & Wall Street regulations? Is the next crash just a matter of time? What is “Fuck You Money”? What kind of banking regulators does the US have? Do they do their job? Is cheating still too profitable for banks? What do the Presidential candidates say about the financial system? Finally we talk to Alexis about the Occupy movement and what became of it…

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Twitter: @alexisgoldstein

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