Amateurvideo bringt britische Polizei in Erklärungsnot

Nach dem Tod eines Mannes bei den G20-Protesten in London hat ein Video von dem Einsatz die Polizei in Erklärungsnot gebracht. Das von der Zeitung Guardian verbreitete Amateurvideo zeigt, wie ein Polizist den 47-jährigen Ian Tomlinson schlägt und dann zu Boden schubst. Nur wenige Minuten später erlitt er einen tödlichen Herzinfarkt. Scotland Yard hatte bisher behauptet, vor dessen Tod keinen Kontakt mit Tomlinson gehabt zu haben.

Die Regierung forderte nun eine umgehende Untersuchung. Innenministerin Jacqui Smith drängte die Polizeiaufsichtsbehörde, die Untersuchung so gründlich und so schnell wie möglich durchzuführen. Sollte eine strafrechtliche Verfolgung erfolderlich sein, müsste auch diese eingeleitet werden.

Die Polizei hatte zunächst erklärt, sie sei von Demonstranten attackiert worden, als sie Tomlinson helfen wollte. Zu dem Zwischenfall kam es, als der Zeitungsverkäufer am vergangenen Mittwoch von seiner Arbeit in der Londoner City nach Hause ging, während tausende Demonstranten gegen den G20-Gipfel protestierten.


Recently released video showing the police attack during the G20 Meltdown protest at the Bank of England, London, 1st April 2009, which led to the tragic death of Millwall fan Ian Tomlinson – a totally innocent man who was assaulted by the police.

In the words of even a Conservative newspaper like The Daily Mail “this video shows the moment newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson was attacked from BEHIND by a baton-wielding police officer” [0:26] and (to quote The Daily Mail again) this evidence “contradicts the official police statement”.

In showing an otherwise largely peaceful scene in which 2 protestors are clearly visible immediately coming to Ian Tomlinson’s assistance [0:33], the video also contradicts newspaper reports which repeatedly claimed that protestors ignored the injured man, and even that protestors attacked police who came (later, and clearly too late) to Ian Tomlinson’s aid (there is “truth” in this allegation to the extent that other videos show one plastic water bottle being thrown and clearly missing the police). This evidence also contradicts the findings of the official “inquest”, which concluded that the heart attack which killed Ian Tomlinson resulted from “natural” causes – as if being smacked in the legs with a nightstick [1:21] and knocked head first onto concrete [1:33] by a masked attacker could be described as a “natural” cause of death!

In my experience of taking part in this demonstration, the police were extremely aggressive from the outset. Officers armed with nightsticks, telescopic truncheons and sap gloves, then attack dogs and horses, and protected by helmets, balaclavas and body armour, found the “courage” to behave with extreme hostility towards an initially peaceful crowd – well before any trouble was reciprocated. The police already know perfectly well which of their number was responsible for this attack, so any time they feel like doing the honourable thing, the man responsible can be easily identified by those among the police who MAY now find the courage to come forward!

This channel respects the wish of Ian Tomlinson’s wife that it be made clear that her husband was NOT one of the G20 protestors.

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