Activism under occupation – Jung & Naiv in Palestine: Episode 196

Activism under occupation – Jung & Naiv in Palestine: Episode 196

From Ramallah with Sumoud Ahmad Sa’adat, Palestinian political activist in the occupied Westbank.

What is it like to be an activist in the Westbank? What goals does Sumoud have? Why is her father in prison? Why can’t she visit him? Why is the fight against Israel’s occupation so important to her? Is there a democracy in the occupied Westbank? Is that even possible? What is the PFLP? What’s the difference to Fatah & Hamas? How is the situation for women in Palestine? Are women equal? Why does she favor a one-state solution? What should that one state be called?

Jung & Naiv, episode 196 with Sumoud Ahmad Sa’adat:
– daughter of Ahmad Sa’adat, one of Israel’s most famous political prisoners
– Ahmad is Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)
– PFLP is still considered a “terrorist organization” by the EU & US
– Sumoud is not allowed to visit her father in Israeli prison. Her
political activism makes her a “security threat”, she says

Thanks to Brent Sluder for our new Middle Eastern theme song. Thanks to the Ben Kollektiv for new graphics.

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