ABC Interview | Gerald Celente calls for the crash of 2010 (English)

I feel so sorry for the students of URI and this Len fella…they are wasting thousands of dollars if this guy is teaching them. 1) yeah we have time but all that happens is the bailouts of buddies, ineffective bills to audit the fed and the continuation and proliferation of the casino economy. 2) “meaningful reform” doesn’t happen in the US anymore unless it favours corporations. 3) umm…yea Lenny boy, open your eyes, it seems The Moose was right.

“people don’t value ‘buy American’…”I hope his students and the families of his students hear that. ist seit 2007 das erste freie Videoportal Deutschlands, welches frei zugängliche Videos in Form von Berichten, Dokumentationen, Diskussionen, Filmen, Interviews, Livestreams, Musik-Videos, Serien, Trailer, Video-Clips und Vorträge in einer Mediathek vereint.