A COVID-19 survivor versus corona skeptics | DW Documentary

A COVID-19 survivor versus corona skeptics | DW Documentary

Politician Karoline Preisler contracted a severe case of COVID-19 and had to be hospitalized. At a demonstration of corona skeptics, she aims to confront those who trivialize the virus, conspiracy theorists and the far right.

While the vast majority of Germans are pleased with the measures their politicians have taken to tackle the pandemic thus far, that hasn’t stopped corona skeptics from taking to the streets. Now right-wing extremists are looking to attract new supporters by taking advantage of the skeptics’ inherent mistrust of politicians. To prevent this, Free Democrat Karoline Preisler is going to demonstrations and talking to the protesters. She wants them to know that coronavirus is both real and dangerous. Will they listen or will her message fall on deaf ears? A report by Viktoria Kleber.


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