555.2kg Yoke at Vegetarian-Food-Festival Toronto

555.2kg Yoke at Vegetarian-Food-Festival Toronto

Finally with the help of many people I was able to set the world-record for the heaviest yoke ever carried with a weight of 555.2kg in Toronto. The intensity of that moment was absolutely stunning and the crowd pushed me on until I crossed the finish line and made a statement which hopefully will be able to move some hearts and brains.

Footage by Rich Roll, Stephanie Kittell and Jamie Arfin

Music: Heaven Shall Burn – Voice Of The Voiceless

“Patrik Baboumian is a former strength athlete who is known for being the first internationally successful strongman to adopt a strictly vegan lifestyle back in 2011. He is known for being one of the main protagonists in The Game Changers documentary a film executive produced by James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan among others. Baboumian has an academic background in Psychology and has been exploring different means of storytelling in recent years in order to continue his work as an athlete in new ways and reach new audiences.”

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