#11np: Elektra Wagenrad über “Open Spectrum – More radio spectrum for the commons”

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#11np: Elektra Wagenrad über "Open Spectrum – More radio spectrum for the commons"

Talk by Elektra Wagenrad at the “Das ist Netzpolitik!”-Conference on 4th of september 2015 in Berlin. https://11.netzpolitik.org/schedule/open-spectrum/

“More frequency spectrum with better propagation properties for everyone. Serious media use does not work without WiFi or LAN cable and also free and open wireless community infrastructure like Freifunk would be hardly conceivable without WLAN. 3G and 4G is good in between WiFi and LAN access just for frugal internet use. The digital dividend through the digitization of terrestrial TV and other analog services offers an important opportunity for better coverage and more capacity and bandwidth for all. Unfortunately, the UHF-TV spectrum is currently auctioned off to the big telecommunications companies. As a result, broadband usage remains expensive. The UHF-band mesh network of the „Freifunk“ open wireless radio networks community in Berlin is an example of a first step in a different direction. We (read: the public) can have more spectrum with better propagation properties! ”




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